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Who told you that I’m a good person??

I stopped writing an Email.(for many reasons)

Actually I rarely write an Email nowadays.

And I don’t like Telephone. So I rarely call to my friends.

But I usually try to hang it up as soon as possible.


Some of my friends told me that they are disappointed.

‘Cos I haven’t let them know how I’m getting along.


I guess “Time” is getting faster and faster.

If I don’t let them hear what I’m doing for a month or a year, then they say that I forgot them.


I’m a vagabond and I don’t think that it’s necessary to write them often…it’s not that I forgot them. I never forget them and I’ll never forget them.(Some forgets me in a month though)


Maybe “keeping touch” often is important for a friendship.

But I hate them to expect that I’ll let them hear what I’m doing.


I’ve never said that I’ll write every and each tiny daily things to them.


I don’t really celebrate Christmas.

A new year is just one of 365 days for me.

Birthday is just a day that some one is  getting old.

Why do I need to express my love on Valentine’s day?

etc….It’s not a big deal.


If you say that you are my friend and if you really interested in my life, then read my Facebook.

At least I’ll write about what you wanna know.

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What you are afraid of isn’t an external factor.

What you are afraid of is yourself.

Don’t be afraid of opening a new door.

You’ll never know what’ll happen till you open it.


What make things limited isn’t an external factor.

What make things limited is yourself.

Don’t be afraid of opening a new door.

You’ll never know what’ll happen till you open it.


What you CAN’T and

What you THINK that you can’t aren’t important now.

What you WANT is important now.

So don’t be afraid of opening a new door.


Kick your A.. and get ready for the new life.

That’s what you have to do now.

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A doctor said.

“No more monkey jumping on the bed”


…well, no.

He said something like “I heard something here”.(Pointed my right lung)

…well, what does it supposed to mean?

I don’t know.


Anyway it sounds like I don’t need to be operated.

Just taking more medicines and let’s see how it will be.

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I can kinda imagine how my life will end.

I’ve been sick.

It’s been like a month now.

One day I feel better and the next day I feel worse and so on.

I don’t know what’s going on.


I was very weak this morning and I had to rush to a pharmacy.

Of course I can’t speak the language and there were no one who can translate how I felt. But somehow I managed to buy some

Medicines…which I really don’t know what for.


And now I feel better…maybe it’s just an effect of the medicines.

(Who knows and who cares.)


Being alone and being in a strange country make it hard to live sometimes.

Like I said, I don’t have any health insurance.

And there’s no one who can take care of myself…but I don’t really regret about that.


But when I’m sick,

  • My room becomes dirty.
  • I don’t mind how I look like.(Well…usually I don’t anyway.)
  • There are lot’s of unwashed clothes.
  • There are some unfold washed-clothes.
  • …etc

I don’t think I’ll die for that, but I can kinda see my future.

For treating myself I wouldn’t go back to my country for sure.

I’d rather go somewhere else and do something good.


Sorry that I haven’t sent any emails to you all.

I have no energy to send an email individually.

I hope you will check what I write here.

And I hope you won’t worry too much about me.


I’ll be ok.

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Being healthy is important.

I’m slowly recovering…Very slowly.

I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been sick for a long, long time.

I don’t know when I was last time completely healthy.

I catch a cold so easily and it takes time to recover.

I get easily tired.

Maybe it’s just that I’m getting old.


Few days ago I finally had an x ray.


I don’t know.

I just had got more medicines and the x ray photo which is now

on a wall of my room.

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Having a lots of medicines makes me more sick.

I’ve been sick for awhile…

I don’t know what kind of disease I’ve got but I’m sick for sure.


I don’t have any health insurance.(I don’t regret that)

I don’t think I will die for that…well,,,it really doesn’t matter if I die or not.


What makes me sick is that I have to take a lots of medicines.

It makes me feel sick.


I guess getting old means getting weak too.

(Well, in my case I hadn’t eaten good food and had had a unhealthy life.)


Anyway if it didn’t hurt, nothing would matter to me.

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